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New Arizona LLC

for 2 or more persons

   (For a 1-Person LLC, Go HERE)



  • Your new Arizona LLC will be approved in ONE (1) BUSINESS DAY.*
  • We prepare the Articles of Organization.
  • We submit all forms electronically to the Arizona Corporation Commission ("ACC") -- for the fastest possible processing.
  • We receive the ACC's email and accept the appointment as your Statutory Agent.
  • We PAY $140 to the ACC:
    • We pay the ACC's $50 filing fee. We also pay the ACC's $35 Expedited Processing Fee. Because we have a special business account with the ACC and we pay both fees (i.e., $85), we are able to get your new Arizona LLC approved in ONE (1) BUSINESS DAY.
    • We order one (1) Certificate of Good Standing ($10 fee to ACC) and mail it to you. We also pay the ACC's $35 Expedited Processing Fee. Because we have a special business account with the ACC and we pay both fees (i.e., $45), we are able to get your Certificate of Good Standing in ONE (1) BUSINESS DAY.
    • We order one Certified Copy of the Articles of Organization ($10 fee to ACC) and mail it to you.
  • We monitor the ACC approval process.
  • We notify you as soon as we receive ACC approval.
  • We provide you with initial business organization documents: Minutes, Resolutions, EIN Application, Disclaimer Agreement (if you are married and if {and only if} you want to own the LLC as your sole and separate property), and an Operating Agreement.
  • AND our in-house attorney reviews each new LLC application before we file it with the ACC.
  • Once your Articles are approved by the ACC, we arrange to have the Articles published (if necessary, not all Articles must be published). If publishing is necessary, WE PAY THE FEE.

* Unique circumstances sometimes delay approval (e.g., ACC website not working, ACC rejects filing).

White Glove Service is Fast, Easy and a Great Value

   Do it Yourself  White Glove Service
Articles of Organization

You prepare your Articles

ACC filing fee  $85 ($50 filing + $35 Expedited Fee) INCLUDED
ACC Fee - Certificate of Good Standing $45 ($10 filing + $35 Expedited Fee)INCLUDED
ACC Fee - Certified Copy of Articles of Organization $10INCLUDED
Publish Articles or Organization (after approval)  $50 to $100 INCLUDED 
Statutory Agent fees for first year  $60 or $90 INCLUDED 
Arizona Business Address Service for first year  $60 INCLUDED 

Initial Organization Documents

(Minutes, Resolutions, EIN application, Operating Agreement)

Operating Agreement
 (Critical document when an LLC has 2 or more members)
 TOTALS  $458 to $538  $499
   + Your Time  We do it all for you!


(You will have the opportunity to review your information before your order is finalized)

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