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Arizona Statutory Agent Services

Arizona's Premier Statutory Agent Service


** 20 Reasons to Hire Us **

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Twenty (20) reasons you should hire us!

  • Veteran owned business. Our managing member is a veteran of the United States Army.
  • Owned by Arizona residents. Every member of this LLC is an Arizona resident. Every member and all managers were born, raised and currently work in Arizona. Our managing member was born in Arizona and has been an Arizona resident since 1958.
This company's owners and managers were born and raised in Arizona 
  • Compliance with the law. Our managing member is a practicing Arizona attorney.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed / 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. We have a 30-Day, no questions asked, money-back guaranty AND a 100% Satisfaction Guaranty. Learn More...


  • BBB A+ Rating. We are a member of the Arizona Better Business Bureau. We have an A+ rating! Go here NOW to verify.

  • No Complaints. We have never had a complaint filed against us:
  • No complaints to the Better Business Bureau.
  • No complaints to the Arizona Secretary of State (one of the places we register as a statutory agent).
  • No complaints to the Arizona Corporation Commission (many of our clients are LLCs or corporations and we are registered as the statutory agent for those companies with the Arizona Corporation Commission).
  • No complaints to the Arizona State Bar (the managing member of this LLC is a practicing Arizona attorney).
    • Best Value. Some statutory agent services charge $120 to $250, or more, per year, PLUS transaction fees and other fees. We offer statutory agent services for only $60.00 per year, with NO “Miscellaneous” or “Transaction Fees”:
      • No “Set-up Fee”
      • No “Acceptance of Service Fee”
      • No “Postage Fee” 

      • No “Handling Fee”

      • No “Fax Fee”

      • When you compare our annual fee with others, you will discover that we are BY FAR the best value.

    • Added Value. We can help you determine what forms you need and where to get them. We provide useful content (Go HERE to see) in the "Added Value" section of this website (it will appear in the top menu bar when you become a client), which is available at no extra charge to our clients.

    • Everyone Gets the Same Rate. Same price every day. No one pays less than you. We have no “sales” or “coupons” or “discount codes.” Everyone pays the same amount no matter who they are or when they signed up.
    • Everyone Gets the Same Discounts. For Statutory Agent Services, all clients may select either: (1) “Recurring Payment” and pay $60 per year or (2) “Non-Recurring Payment” and pay $90 per year. 
      • Landlord clients with more than one property are eligible for a “Volume Discount Account” that gives those clients a better rate on the SECOND property, but they still pay the same amount as everyone else for the first property.
      • Business clients with more than one business are eligible for a “Volume Discount Account” that gives those clients a better rate on the SECOND business, but they still pay the same amount as everyone else for the first business. Each additional company receives an additional discount.
    • Secure Payments. All client online payments are handled by a third-party processor.
    • Secure Information. Your financial information is not stored on this site. Nobody can “hack” your financial information from this site because it isn’t stored here.
    • Privacy. We don’t sell, rent or give your information to anyone, except when requested by a governmental agency and then only to the extent required by law. The link to our Privacy Policy is at the bottom of every page.
    • No "Hidden" fees. If we receive a "notice" on your behalf, there is no "acceptance fee," "transaction fee," or other hidden fee. We send you the "notice" immediately and there is no extra charge.
    • We are GREEN. If we receive a notice or court documents on your behalf, we will send those documents to you via e-mail and/or fax, without ever printing a paper copy. Billing is handled via e-mail (except for a few paper-based clients). We encourage you to send all your communications to us via e-mail or fax, which we will store electronically and without first printing out that information. Nevertheless, if you send information and/or payment via regular mail, we will still be able to accept and process your information and/or payment.

    We are GREEN (click to learn more)

    • Easy to Sign-Up. Remit payment online, but we can also accept offline payments (i.e., checks, money orders). You will complete an online “Intake Form” (i.e., information about you and your business or properties), and then send us your completed & signed forms (only if applicable to you) via e-mail, mail or fax. If you don’t have the forms you need, you can get them here.
    • Easy to Cancel. Ever notice how easy it is to sign up for an Internet based service, but REALLY HARD to cancel. That won’t happen here. At the bottom of EVERY PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE is a link to “Cancel Service.” You may cancel and any time, for any reason or for NO reason. You can cancel with an e-mail, a fax or a phone call. To avoid unauthorized changes to your account, we may ask you to confirm instructions before we close or make changes to your account.
    • Longevity. Our managing member has been providing statutory agent services in Arizona for 30+ years.
    • Dedicated. The service provided by a statutory agent is very important. We understand that. Each member of this LLC is dedicated to giving YOU -- the client -- the best service available in Arizona. Don't know what to do after you receive a Summons, Subpoena, Citation, or other legal document? Our managing member is a practicing Arizona attorney who understands these documents and can refer you to an attorney.
    • Fast. If we receive notices, court documents, etc., on your behalf, we send it to you via fax or email and normally within one business day.

     This is a VETERAN OWNED business   This company's owners and managers were born and raised in Arizona      We are GREEN (click to learn more)  Every page of this website is secure

    Arizona Statutory Agent Services, LLC

    12725 W. Indian School Road, Suite E-101, Avondale, Arizona 85392