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It will take you less than 1 MINUTE to complete this form:

If you have an existing business (i.e., LLC or corporation), we make it easy to switch.
  • If a form is needed, we will get the form for you, complete our portion, and complete your portion of the form.
  • If a signature is needed, we will send the form to you via email or DocuSign.
  • We will file the completed and signed form (electronically or otherwise) with the ACC.
How easy is that?

Let’s make sure you are in the right place. This page is for an “existing business,” which means the business is:

(1) an Arizona LLC (profit or nonprofit), (2) an Arizona corporation (profit or nonprofit), or (3) a foreign LLC or foreign corporation (profit or nonprofit) that has already been approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission to do business in Arizona. If you are one of those choices, then complete the form below.