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Arizona Statutory Agent Services

Arizona's Premier Statutory Agent Service


Each of your Arizona residential rental properties must be registered with the county assessor. (Note: prior to August 2017, residential landlords were also required by law (A.R.S. Section 33-1309) to file a separate form with the Arizona Secretary of State, but that law was repealed in August 2017).

3 Steps: 

1. Download form(s)

2. Complete form(s)

3. Send us the completed and UNSIGNED form(s)

STEP 1 - Download the property registration form 

DON'T sign the form; we will sign the form as your statutory agent.

STEP 2 - Complete the form. Two ways to fill out the form(s):
    • Fill out the form(s) by hand
      • Print out the form(s), complete the form(s) by hand, then send the UNSIGNED form(s) to us via regular mail, email (after scanning), or fax.
    • Fill out the form(s) ON-SCREEN (this method is faster for most people)
      • Download the form(s) to you computer, SAVE to a new file name, enter your data on the form ON-SCREEN, SAVE the file to a NEW file name, then send the UNSIGNED form(s) to us via email or fax.
        • If you don't know how to "save" to a new file name, then follow these steps:
          • Download the form.
          • Open the form.
          • Type "test" into one of the text fields.
          • "Print" the form. 
            • If the form prints with "test" in the text field, then you have doing things correctly. Now remove "test" from the text field, enter all your property information, and then "Print" the form. If your computer allows you to "Print" to a PDF file or some other editable file, then save the completed form to a new file name (e.g., Main Street property), and email us the file.
            • If the form does not print with "test" in the text field, then you will either need to (1) print out the blank form, complete it by hand, and send (via fax, email, or mail) us the completed form or (2) have someone help you complete the form on-screen.
    • DON'T sign the form
      • We will sign the form on your behalf and mail it to the county assessor(s). 
      • If there is a filing fee, we will pay it.


STEP 3 - Send us the completed form(s)
    • Fax to: 602-255-0431
    • Mail to: 

Arizona Statutory Agent Services, LLC

Attn: Carlton C. Casler

12725 W. Indian School Road, Suite E-101

Avondale, Arizona 85392


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Arizona Statutory Agent Services, LLC

12725 W. Indian School Road, Suite E-101, Avondale, Arizona 85392