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Arizona Statutory Agent Services

Arizona's Premier Statutory Agent Service

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  • If you are having trouble making payment through AffiniPay or LawPay.
Examples: (1) paying for multiple years of service, (2) a payment that is NOT related to statutory agent services (i.e., LLC/Corporation documents), or (3) some other reason and/or amount that cannot be made using the "Non-Recurring Payment" (above, right).
  • Enter the "Name" of at least one person on this account.
(Note: the "Name on your account" box looks small, but it will scroll to receive a lot of text)
  • On the next page, under "Your Order Summary," you must manually enter the amount you wish to pay in "Item Price."
  • You may pay with PayPal or Credit Card.  
  • To pay with PayPal, click on "Have a PayPal account?"
  • To pay with a Credit Card, click on "Don't have a PayPal Account?"
  • You must manually enter the amount you wish to pay.

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