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Arizona Statutory Agent Services

Arizona's Premier Statutory Agent Service

Serve Notices and/or Legal Process on our Clients

All of our clients have contractually agreed that notices, documents, service of process (i.e., Summons & Complaint, but not a Subpoena for an individual to testify or produce documents) may be served electronically through this website. If you are a process server, an attorney, or anyone who wishes to serve some type of document on one of our clients, then simply follow this three-step process: (1) Confirm, (2) Send, and (3) Receipt.



STEP 1 - CONFIRM: Confirm that we are the statutory agent

BUSINESS (i.e., Corp., LLC, etc.): To serve one of business clients, check with the Arizona Corporation Commission to see if: (1) the company is still in business and (2) we are listed at the statutory agent for the business you want to serve.

LANDLORD (i.e., out-of-state, residential landlord): To serve one of your landlord clients, check with the county assessor where the rental property is located to see if we are listed as the statutory agent.



Service via fax or e-mail is MUCH faster, but we recognize that some people are only comfortable with personal service. You can personally serve your documents at our business office, Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Arizona Statutory Agent Services
12725 West Indian School Road, Suite E-101
Avondale, Arizona 85392

FAST and EASY - Fax or Email: For $25 you can serve by fax or email:

Include a cover sheet that has this information:

  • Your contact information (i.e., the name of the person or process server who is serving the documents).
  • The total number of pages you are sending (so we can be sure we received all the pages).
  • The name of the party who has caused the documents to be served (i.e., plaintiff, petitioner, tenant, government agency, etc.).
  • The name of our client (i.e., business or out-of-state landlord) that you are serving.
  • If you have a specific “Acceptance of Service” form, send that, too, and we will sign and return it to you.
  • We will e-mail you an invoice for $25.00 (no tax and/or other fees).

How you send is up to you; you can send via fax or email:

Fax: 602-255-0431 (this is a dedicated fax line and accepts faxes 24/7/365)



  • Personal ServiceNo confirmation of receipt will be given if documents are personally service at our office. If you use a process server, then the process server will provide you with an Affidavit of Service (or similar document).
  • E-Mail Fax: Unless you direct otherwise, we will respond in the same manner as your service (i.e., if you serve via e-mail, we will respond by e-mail; if you serve via fax, we will respond by fax).  Our response will be from a person (not an auto-responder) who has actually received and viewed the document(s) you sent. You may regard service as complete as soon as you receive our “Confirmation of Receipt.” Our “Confirmation of Receipt” is typically sent within one business day after receipt of your transmission (i.e., e-mail or fax). If you wish to also send an "Acceptance of Service," "Waiver of Personal Service," or similar form, we will gladly execute that form on behalf of our client.