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QUESTION 2: What services do you need?
  • Statutory Agent Service ONLY, or
  • Statutory Agent Service AND Arizona Business Address Service

1. Statutory Agent Service ONLY.

You MUST have a statutory agent. Every Arizona business (i.e., LLC, corporation, partnership, etc.) and every foreign business that is doing business in Arizona is required by law to have a statutory agent. Therefore, at a minimum, you need Statutory Agent Services.

2. Statutory Agent Service AND Arizona Business Address Service

You may or MAY NOT need our Arizona Business Address Service. Every business MUST have an Arizona business address. The business address must be a physical street address. It CANNOT be a post office box or a private "PMB" (private mail box). Our Arizona Business Address Service (go here for more info) is only $60/year, BUT DON'T BUY MORE THAN YOU NEED. If you have a retail store in Arizona, you can use that as your Arizona business address. If you operate out of your home (in Arizona), you could use your home address (because it is a physical, street address), BUT your "Arizona business address" (i.e., your home address) will appear on the Arizona Corporation Commission's web site and is easily accessible by everyone on the Internet. Make the choice that best suits you and your business.

I want/need:

Statutory Agent Service - ONLY      (click one of these to continue)

Statutory Agent Service AND Arizona Business Address Service

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