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Which should I choose: an LLC or Corporation?


We will walk you through each one.

 STEP 1 -  Download the forms you need, BUT fill them out later (see Step 6).
 STEP 2 -  Decide whether you want "Recurring Payment" or "Non-Recurring Payment."
 STEP 3 -  Determine the service(s) you need from us.
 STEP 4 -  Enter data online.
 STEP 5 -  Pay for the services you selected.
 STEP 6 -  Complete your forms and send them to us.

STEP 1 - Download the forms you need.

You may already have all the forms you need.  If so, skip this part and click "Next."  

For a new Arizona Corporation, you must file AT LEAST the following documents with the Arizona Corporation Commission ("ACC").  Your situation may require additional forms.  The last link below will take your directly to the ACC's forms page, if you need additional forms.  Some of the following are "links" and some are downloadable "forms."  The downloadable "forms" have our information already on the forms.  We have also provided a link to the ACC's website for the instructions for each form.  

  Our Instructions - download these first
 Articles of Incorporation - for profit
 Articles of Incorporation - for non-profit
 ACC's Instructions

 ACC's Instructions
 Certificate of Disclosure ACC's Instructions
 Statutory Agent Acceptance - you need not worry about this form; see "Our Instructions," above. 
 LINK TO ACC's forms page 
(How long does it take the ACC to approve a new Corporation?) 

After you have downloaded the forms you need and/or opened the links you need, then click "Next."

On the next page, you will hire us as your statutory agent for your new corporation.


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