What is a "Statutory Agent”?

A statutory agent is a person or company that: (1) is an Arizona resident (for a person) or an Arizona company (for a corporation or LLC), (2) has a physical address (not a post office box), and (3) is qualified to act as a statutory agent.

The purpose of the statutory agent is to ensure that an in-state representative is always available to receive notices on your behalf from governmental agencies and/or individuals. The statutory agent then forwards those “Notices” to you.

An in-state statutory agent is required by Arizona law for: (1) business entities (i.e., LLCs, corporations, partnerships, etc.) and (2) residential landlords who own residential rental property in Arizona, but who do not reside in Arizona.

If you want additional information, including citations to the laws that require businesses and out-of-state landlords to have an in-state statutory agent, then GO HERE.