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BUSINESS - How it Works

So, you need a Statutory Agent for your business -- we can help.  That is exactly what we do. This is how it works:  

  • Decide the service(s) you need. First, you will decide what services you need from us. We will help you with that below.
  • Create your account. Then you will create an account with us. You can do that right here, right now -- 24/7/365.
  • Complete form(s). You may need to complete one or more forms. If you need forms, you will either download the forms from this website or we will send them to you. In some cases, we can complete the forms for you.
  • File completed forms. Finally, documents must be filed (or electronically filed) with the Arizona Corporation Commission (referred to on this site as "ACC"). 

Let's get started. Just a couple steps and you will be all set up.

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